Primary Finance

Why Use Us!

Primary Finance was founded on the principles of relationship building.  This is where the our mantra "We make money by keeping you happy" comes from.  

Our goal is for a long term mutually beneficial relationship.  

We're more than a payment processing firm.  We aim to partner with our clients in their growth or expansion.  The services we provide include:
  • Payment Processing
    • These days merchants have a variety of payment processing needs.  We offer innovative solutions as well as in-depth product line to merchants to aid in processing and acceptance various payments in the market.
  • Free Merchant Networking
    • Our agents literally talk to 100's of merchants a week.  We have an ear to the street on what works, what doesn't, various customers, wholesalers, and retailers.  This data is available to all our merchants that want to network or do business with us.
  • Free Business Analysis - As part of our payment analysis we offer free business analysis of the merchants market, business practice's, and financial structure.  Free to all our merchant clients we conduct these analysis on a quarterly basis.
  • Free Business Consulting - Based on the business analysis our consultants will present to your their suggestion on how to improve your sales, profit, costs, or income.  
  • Merchant Referral Program - With our extensive network of merchants;  most likely we know of another merchant that can use your product, help you reduce costs, increase revenue, or market your products.   We notify our merchants whenever there is opportunity for them to do business, exploit new information, or make new connections
Whether you own a supermarket, gas station, restaurant, smoke shop, medical office, B2B, retail, etc......  We can help you grow your business by developing a long term business relationship based on a mutually beneficial  partnership.

Our Experience Shows!

With experience comes even greater benefits.  Let our agents assist you in growing your business and profits.  Our free evaluation programs can assist you in finding ways to reduce not just your processing fee's but also help you in finding even better suppliers, reducing your overall costs,  new ideas in marketing, and increasing your customer base.

Our agents literally talk to hundreds of business owners like yourself every month.  Our huge network of merchants that can assist you through their experience's and is a wealth of information and potential clients that is open to all of our clients.

We have gone out and contracted with the largest and most reputable processors in the market place.  With size comes great leverage.  We let our partners bid on your business.

All our partners have been completely vetted to ensure that our clients/merchants get the best service and value.  Rest assured, Primary Finance has done all the leg work which translates to lowered risk for our merchants.

Our sales office's are located in/around the markets we serve just in case our merchants have any questions or concerns.

Why Primary Finance?

Primary Finance has been a long time coming in a market dominated by numerous and dubious processing companies.  We've gone out and contracted with the largest and best processing companies out there that offer wholesale pricing and award winning service.

Our mantra "We make money by keeping you Happy" is derived from a common sense business model inherent in all fair business agreements.  The better our clients do the better we do.  

Primary Finance is more than a payment processing organization.  We genuinely partner with our merchants to bring them business value added services, idea's and solutions.  At our core we're a payment processing business alongside business consulting and networking.

Payment processing - We've done the leg work for you.  We've brought on the best market makers in terms of processors, on board to bring you exceptional service and pricing.  

Networking -   We literally talk to over 100 merchants a week regarding their business, their market, products, and services.   Our data base runs deep as does our knowledge of the state of the market.  

Consulting - Most of our sales consultants come from a business background.  As part of our initial payment analysis a summary business analysis is conducted to find ways for you to increase sales, profit, efficiency, and decrease costs.  Also as part of the report will be a market analysis on your specific type of industry in your region.  

We notify our merchants whenever there is opportunity for our them to do business, exploit new information, or make new connections.  

We like to keep things simple as you've noticed by our website.  Our relationships are our greatest assets not some pictures on a website.  

Our phones are always on should you need to get a hold of us.

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